•   2 semesters of LIGHT with consistent attendance
  •   20 hours of Community Service
  •   1 High School Weekend Retreat

Every year St. Joan of Arc Parish provides preparation and formation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. In order that each candidate for Confirmation has a foundation of faith experiences within the Christian community, we ask that candidates take time to complete the above prerequisites within youth ministry before entering into the Confirmation Program their junior or senior year of high school. You must be approved to enter the Confirmation Program and the fee for the Confirmation program includes enrollment in LIGHT.

Saint Research Project 2019

Whether or not you choose to use a saint’s name at your confirmation, you must still explore the life of a saint and share what you learn with your group.  To help you with this research project, please complete the “Session 1 – Confirmation Saint research 2019” form.  Also provided is a confirmation calendar for candidates.

Session 1 – Confirmation Saint research 2019

Confirmation calendar – Candidate