Statement of Purpose

Adult Faith Formation Committee To provide opportunities for the whole faith community to grow in relationship with God toward a mature faith, to recognize and respond to our baptismal call to live out our faith as disciples of Christ by giving back and building up the Kingdom of God.

The following are opportunities offered at our parish to enrich our faith. For more information, Please check the parish and adult faith formation bulletin board.

Adult Confirmation

The Adult Confirmation process is designed specifically for practicing Catholics who have not received the sacrament of Confirmation.  Any adult over age 18 interested in attending this class and receiving the sacrament of Confirmation can register by calling the Parish Office at 925-830-0600.

Bible Study, Men’s Saturday Morning

The Saturday Men’s Bible Group meets for one hour every Saturday morning to read, discuss and pray the bible, fellowship and partake in action projects.  The group follows “God’s Word Today” which leads us through alternating months on Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, and spiritual subjects. The group is also committed to action-supporting ministries in which the members are involved within the parish and in outreach to the greater community with activities, such as, adopting needy families. All men of the parish are welcome.

Contact: Jim Noe  Email:  Phone: 925 743-0893

Bible Study, Women’s Wednesday Morning

Each semester the Women’s Bible Study chooses to follow either the current Parish Bible Study or a new series which involves a section of scripture and a study guide with questions.  Sessions are about 90 minutes on Wednesday mornings from 9:45-11:45 AM.

Contact: Colleen Homolka  Email: Phone: 925 830-0600

Women’s Retreat/Women of St. Joan

The group organizes two annual parish-wide events for women: a full-day retreat in the spring and a half-day retreat that coincides with the Saturday Mass honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary in May.  These events are designed to enrich the spiritual lives of women through presentations, discussions, music, and prayer while building community at St. Joan of Arc.  Volunteer opportunities range from chairing a committee, speaking or singing at events, tracking reservations, baking items to be offered for snacks or meals, or being a worker bee for a variety of jobs.

Contact:  Rosemarie McKenney  Email:  Phone: 925 830-0600


Alpha is a 10-week program to create safe spaces for honest, open, and judgment-free conversations for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s not just for those who haven’t found Jesus yet – it’s also for those of us who have been lifelong Christians who want to explore our faith in new ways. You can learn more here.  Phone: 925 830-0600

Bible Study

In addition to the weekly bible study groups listed above, we also have various multi-week bible study programs that delve deeper into a specific area or topic of the Bible. The topics change throughout the year, with more added when needed. You can see what’s going on here.

Contact:  Rosemarie McKenney  Email:  Phone: 925 830-0600

Small Christian Groups

One of the best ways to engage with the St. Joan community is by being part of a small group. You can do this by taking an Alpha course or Bible Study, then continuing in a small group with your new friends. Or you can join an existing small group that is accepting new members.

Small groups are a wonderful way to connect, make and sustain friendships, grow spiritually, and experience and give each other love and support. Check out examples of groups at St. Joan here.

Contact:  Rosemarie McKenney  Email:  Phone: 925 830-0600

Mission Focus

Occasionally, we deeply dive into a social issue from a Christian perspective. This is the purpose of our Mission Focus group. Although we haven’t had one in a while, you can see what we did a couple years ago here.

Contact:  Rosemarie McKenney  Email:  Phone: 925 830-0600

Poverty Simulation

We have done an interactive event will increase our understanding of poverty and will offer us ways to be involved in alleviating poverty in our community. Unless you’ve experienced poverty, it’s difficult to truly understand the reality of it. The Community Action Poverty Simulation is an immersive learning experience. You can see our previous project here.

Contact:  Rosemarie McKenney  Email:  Phone: 925 830-0600

Gratitude and Grace

The area focuses on caring for our planet. This program is in development. You can see its progress here.