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Dear Father Ray,

As you know, this is my second experience with the Law of the Gift.  I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in such an uplifting and heartwarming event.

I gave this exercise a lot of thought, as I did the first, and just as you stated when you granted the gifts, prayer would be instrumental in providing me the answer to the $100 solution.  And it was!

Approximately two weeks after receiving the gift from you, I read in the local newspaper about an Antioch couple who have two children that suffer from a blood disorder, and another who has not been affected.  They have been dealing with this for several years and started a Facebook support group to help comfort those looking for hope.

During this time, they discovered that a man from Nepal, also in the support group, was struggling with the same disease but was unable to get treatment or medications in that country.  They exhausted all avenues and were eventually informed that Govinda would not make it.

Touched by the man’s plight, Kristi and Kelly Quimet from Antioch took it upon themselves to bring the Nepalese couple to the U.S. and arrange for treatment.  They opened their home and hearts to them after many months of red tape to get them to America.  They drive every week to medical centers in the Bay Area for Govinda’s dialysis and other medications.  All this while doing the same for their two children who suffer from the same disease!

I was also touched by the commitment and kindness that this Antioch couple has shown to the Nepalese immigrants and to many others in the same situation.  They are huge advocates for solutions, both political and medical, to this very rare disease and have spoken in Washington D.C. and other cities as well as other countries around the globe.  I am inspired by their compassion.  I am struck by their passion to assist others in need.

I chose to increase the gift that was given to me and donated a Costco gift card on behalf of St. Joan of Arc Parish.  This will allow them to purchase food and much need gasoline to get them to the many treatment centers that they visit on a weekly basis for their two children and the Nepalese couple.  I can say that this experience was one that I will not forget.

Please take a look at the piece that ran in the East Bay Times on January 11.
Local Family Opens Heart, Home to Nepalese Couple<>

Also, I have attached a photo of my visit.

I am so grateful for the gift of a healthy life that God has bestowed on our family!

Blessings to you, Padre, and thank you again for your generosity.

T. J. DeSoto

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