Loving  God in heaven,

During these challenging times, we ask You to give us:

Confidence in You, that we may put our lives in Your hands
Trust in You, that we remember You are in charge
Peace, that we allow ourselves to rest in Your loving arms
Healing, for those afflicted by the virus
Calm, for those who have been exposed to the virus and are awaiting test results
Love for You and Your children, who are each suffering in different ways
Gentleness in our interactions, especially with those with whom we are living in joint isolation 
Self-control, that we remain disciplined and avoid temptations to strike out at others or take advantage of this situation for our own benefit
Forgiveness when others, especially our leaders, make mistakes
Unity as we walk through these times together
Creativity as we reach out to our community in different ways, hosting online “Church” in small groups
Eyes to see how each of us can serve and love our community well.
Courage for the medical teams who treat the sick and the law enforcement teams who keep us safe.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


Adapted from an Alpha prayer by Rosemarie McKenney