O God of Vast Spaces,
May I be in heart, mind and soul that open clearing where any and all possibilities may enter, stay or pass through uninterrupted any hour of the day or night.
Whether they be clothed in Terror or Joy, may I welcome them with a heart receptive, invite them to stay with a mind thoughtful, and bid them farewell with a soul un-clinging.
May I be that open clearing where both Life and Death can lie down together and rest through the night, where Silence can sing her song unmuted, and where You can be seen dancing in every moment.
May I be that open clearing where courage gives winged flight to imprisoned dreams of liberation, where forgiveness bathes the scarred terrain of the soul with refreshment, where transformation takes root in the sweet soil of expectancy, spreading its seed with jubilant thanksgiving across the wild and waiting landscape, blossoming into grace.
May I be that open clearing where compassion and hope, justice and understanding can gently land, where the echoes of peace upon the earth
ring gloriously across the heavens, where all hands, hearts and spirits are joined – unified – in a human chain of radical kindness.
May I be that open clearing where You can do your very best work.

Kimberly Tarman