Welcome to  St. Joan’s community page for prayer during these days of  sheltering-in-place to defeat  the  COVID19 virus (aka the “Corona” virus.)

Here you will find prayers, inspiration, and music that will help you during these trying times … and will help others as we pray for them, too.

This  Novena will continue for as many 9-day series as are needed for the danger to pass.  You can participate with your family or housemates by joining us online or by telephone at  9:30 am (except on Sundays) and/or 5:30 pm each day. We will open the call 15 minutes before the start time so you can connect without being rushed. You can also join us in spirit by praying on your own or with your family or housemates at whatever time is convenient for you each day.

You can access our daily prayers each  day  in two ways:

  • Returning to this page and clicking Today’s Prayer.
  • Joining our “Parish Novena” group on Realm. If you set your preferences to “everything,” Realm will even send you the daily prayer.

You can contribute!

This is an interactive experience.  Send your ideas for prayers, inspiration or music to Rosemarie at RMcKenney@sjasr.org.  And let her know if  you  would  like to lead our  prayer one day!

The St.  Joan  of  Arc parish community: 
Being Christ for Others as Christ is for  us  
…  every day of our  lives,  in every situation•••