Dear Parish Family,

Our parish music ministry continues to work hard on several projects and has a wish list of items that would help us minister to our community of faith in several different ways, including equipment and music.

The music ministers, both instrumental and vocal, are amazing. Each and every one of them give so much of their time with such joy that it is truly inspiring.

Beyond rehearsals, we are also constantly preparing for or recording our next projects. We are currently working on Confirmation, Lent, and Easter. The parish website will soon have a music page with many of our previous recordings that include: Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone, Ave Maria, This is Your House, and several more.

With the exception of the instrumental ensembles, we rehearse via zoom. We create click tracks for singers to use in their practicing and upload their parts to create our virtual choirs. Everyone is working hard and we are all thankful for the continued opportunity to minister to our community. We love what we do and hope that we can provide some inspiration to others, especially during these difficult times.

We have listed a number of items below that would help us continue the work we have begun. Below, you will find our current wish list and benefits of listed items We are thankful for the incredible generosity of our community, as reflected below. Thank you!

With many thanks and blessings,

Barbara Pinto-Choate

Director, Music Ministries


Microphones for amplification and recording projects for our liturgies

UPDATE: Generously donated! Thank you! 

St. Augustine Hymnals from ILP Music

These hymnals would be utilized by all parish choirs to supplement music for our liturgies

Number of Hymnals needed: 45

UPDATE: 25 hymnals generously donated. Thank you! 

Current needs: 20 hymnals Thank you! 

Cost per hymnal: $16.00

Advent and Christmas Music for Choir and Instrumental Ensemble called, “We Wait in Hope”


UPDATE: Generously donated! Thank you! 

Jack Trip Virtual Studio Devices (Vocal and Instrumental Use) 

Currently, all choir rehearsals are accomplished via Zoom. We do meet in person with part of our SJA Orchestra and Handbell groups. Many members of our SJA Orchestra currently do not participate because of this pandemic. We encourage those with health issues and/or concerns with the health of a loved one, to wait until things are safer. 

We would like to continue to provide music for our community; however, with Zoom there is a major latency issue that does not allow singing or playing together. Everyone must be muted so they are unable to hear each other. What Jack Trip devices do is remove almost all the latency issues so that we would be able to again sing or play instruments together from home. Everyone would be able to hear the other members and work as an ensemble. With this, we would be able to provide live music from home and utilize everyone wishing to participate. (both vocal and instrumental) Additionally, we would be able to have live ensemble music for Masses, Prayer Services, Concerts, etc. Each device and accessories, that include a mic and cables would cost $245.00. These would be loaned to members to use and would be a permanent musical tool. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please see below for more information. Thank you! 

Devices needed: 35 

Cost per device: $245.00 

UPDATE: 13 Jack Trip Virtual Devices generously donated. 

Current Needs: 22 Thank you! 

Lent and Easter for Choral Collection

“Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs” 

40 Choral Collections Needed 

Cost per set: $11.95 each 

Total Cost for 40: $478.00 

UPDATE: 14 Choral Collections generously donated 

Current Needs: 26 

$11.95 each or $334.60 for 28 

Manhasset Music Stands

Two sets of six stands needed.

Cost per set: $195

UPDATE: One set generously donated. 

Current needs: 1 set Thank you! 

Special Instrument Covers for the bells of wind instruments for indoor use

Special Choral Masks for Choir Members for use indoors that would allow for small ensembles indoors.

Number of Instrumental Covers needed: 19

UPDATE: Generously donated! 

Current Needed: 8 of various sizes. Thank you! 

Cost per instrumental mask ranges from $20.00 -$28.00 each

Special Singers Masks for our Cantors 

Number of Choral Masks needed: 47 

Cost per Choral Mask: $25.00 

UPDATE: 21 generously donated. 

Current needs: 26 Thank you! 

Additional Items

Handbells or Choir Chimes

Please contact me at for more information on this. We are currently borrowing a set of Handbells from the Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers. We would love to grow a program here that would include a wide age range of participants. 

Cost for Chimes or Handbells depends on the number of octaves purchased 

We are currently looking at 4 octaves of Handbells and 5 octaves of Chimes. This would be a wonderful addition to our music ministry. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

ILP Lifetime Digital Library (Choral)

This digital library would give the parish a lifetime subscription to their present choral library. Additionally, this subscription would be valid for all their new and future choral music compositions.


ILP Music Lifetime Digital Library (Instrumental)

This digital music library would provide a lifetime subscription to their instrumental scored, both current and future publications.


K & M Microphone Stands with Teleboom 

Eight Stands needed. 

Cost per stand: $74.00 

Cost for 8 stands: $592.00

Percussion for SJA Orchestra 

Louson Drums: (One each) 

Rainstick: $275.00 

10” Cajon Tab: $159.00 

12” Cajon Tab: $189.00 

Bass Cajon Tab: $239.00 

Donated items: Thank you!!!!!

Lent and Easter Orchestration Collection

“Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs” 

1 Instrumental Ensemble Orchestration 

Cost: $250.00 

UPDATE: Generously donated!   Thank you!

Yamaha Monitor Speaker for Digital Piano 

(Used for all outdoor Masses. Our previously donated speaker no longer works) 

One Monitor Needed. 

Cost for monitor: $315.00 

UPDATE: Generously donated!   Thank you!