Dear Parish Family,

The past year and a half have been challenging, yet so full of blessings. When I came to St. Joan of Arc, I had no idea that after only five weeks, everything would shut down! Unbelievable!

It certainly was unbelievable but the INCREDIBLE people in this parish just decided to regroup!

Music ministry has been so busy with rehearsals, recordings, and now workshops as well. Everyone and I do mean everyone, participated in one way or another. I was so taken with the welcoming spirit of each individual. There is a can-do spirit here that starts with the pastor, continues through the staff and the entire worshipping community.

So what is currently happening with the music ministry? We rehearse a lot! In any given week, we have anywhere from 7-12 rehearsals that include choir, orchestra, handbells, cantor formation, women’s trio, women’s quartet, women’s octet, women’s choir, men’s quartet, men’s choir, woodwind trio, and workshops. Currently, we are having vocal technique workshops and will soon have a recording technique and editing workshop. We love seeing each other and spending a little quality time either with the in-person rehearsals, on zoom, or with jack trip. (Jack trip allows us to rehearse in real-time without the latency of zoom)

Why all these groups? Because of the pandemic, we cannot yet sing in a large group and we have many that would like to participate. We are currently learning music so that each of these groups can be assigned to sing or play at different weekend Masses to enhance our liturgies. Everyone has been working hard and we are having a lot of fun in the process.

Agatha, our wonderful accompanist rehearses with us and creates click tracks and other recordings as needed. She is a wonderful addition to this ministry.

We are so blessed to have a growing and thriving music ministry that continually looks for new avenues to serve and engage with all of you. Below, you will find our most current wish list. Thank you for your support and know how much we appreciate everything you do for us.

God bless you and your families and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

Barbara Pinto-Choate Music Ministry Director

Music Ministy Wish List

Long Range Microphones for Outdoor and Indoor hybrid programming use

Microphones may be used outdoors for long-range musical amplification as well as indoor hybrid use when in-person and zoom programming happens simultaneously.

Number of Long-Range Microphones needed: 4

Cost per microphone: $329.95

Microphone stands: $74.00 each

Jack Trip Virtual Studio Devices (Vocal and Instrumental Use) 

Currently, all choir rehearsals are accomplished via Zoom. We do meet in person with part of our SJA Orchestra and Handbell groups.

With Zoom there is a major latency issue that does not allow singing or playing together. Everyone must be muted so they are unable to hear each other. What Jack Trip devices do is remove almost all the latency issues so that we would be able to again sing or play instruments together from home. Everyone would be able to hear the other members and work as an ensemble. These would be loaned to members to use and would be a permanent musical tool. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please see below for more information. Thank you! 

Currently, we have about 20 devices and use them weekly for many of our rehearsals. We will continue using hybrid rehearsal techniques that include jack trip. They will be well used and be such an asset to our parish music ministry.

Devices needed: 25

Cost per device: $245.00 

Manhasset Music Stands

One sets of six stands needed.

Cost per set: $195

Special Instrument Covers for the bells of wind instruments for indoor use

Special Instrumental Masks and Bell Covers for Choir Members for use indoors that would allow for small ensembles indoors.

Number of Instrumental Covers needed: 9

Cost per instrumental mask ranges from $20.00 -$28.00 each

Handbells or Choir Chimes

Please contact me at for more information on this. We are currently borrowing a set of Handbells from the Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers. We would love to grow a program here that would include a wide age range of participants. 

The cost for Chimes or Handbells depends on the number of octaves purchased. We would be very happy with a used set as well. We were recently informed that the handbell set we are currently borrowing is now for sale. This is a four-octave set.

A four or five-octave of Chimes would also be a wonderful addition to our music ministry and could be played by people of all ages. Besides being beautiful instruments, chimes and handbells also create great opportunities to grow musically that, in turn, support our liturgies through the music they provide.

Thank you for your consideration. 

K & M Microphone Stands with Teleboom 

Eight Stands needed. 

Cost per stand: $74.00 

Cost for 8 stands: $592.00