All are welcome to adore, pray, or just sit in the presence of our Lord, exposed in the monstrance.  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is offered every first Friday from 7 – 8 p.m. in the church.

Hospital Ministry

Our ministry visits patients who are hospitalized at San Ramon Regional Medical Center every day of the year. During our visits we provide Communion and prayer for patients and their families.  Time commitments for this ministry can vary depending on the number of patients that we see who have been identified as Catholics.  The typical visit will take approximately one to two hours of time.  Orientation and training is provided. Contact:  T.J. DeSoto at 925 858-9270

Intercessory Prayer Team

The Intercessory Prayer Team began in 2009. Feedback from our parish is overwhelmingly positive. Parishioners, caregivers, prayer requestors and prayer recipients are all feeling buoyed. Our prayer is to bring more support and comfort to those in need, to fortify our relationship with God and to build community. Contact:  Karen Barry  Phone: 925-828-7033 or Ron & Eileen Weston

Men’s Retreat

Once a year, the men of the parish gather to listen to a guest facilitator.  The day usually consists of listening, discussing, sharing and praying together with the goal of deepening faith and prayer life.  Opportunities are offered to join on-going sharing and study parish groups.  Contact: Joe Rivello at or 925-922-2025

Ministers to the Sick and Homebound

In taking communion to the sick and homebound the Minister represents Christ and manifests faith, love and hope on behalf of the whole community of St. Joan of Arc toward those who cannot be present at the Celebration of the Eucharist.  Most of the time Ministers visit the homebound on a weekly basis at the convenience of both recipient and the Minister; the visit itself can be brief or extending, depending on the need and available time. Contact: Meg Monaghan Email: Phone: 925-803-8830

Prison Ministry

Volunteers can participate in many ways

  • Pereform Liturgy of the Word and Communion Services conducted in the jail’s chapel or in one of the housing units on Saturday monring.
  • Individual visits with inmates.
  • Eucharistic Minister: Bring communion to inmates in a group or on a one-to-one basis.
  • Conduct bible study and sharing:  Faciliate small groups of men or women in bible studies anytime during the week.
  • Assist with inmate requests for religious literature.

Contact: Randy Starkweather at

Simbang Gabi

“Simbang Gabi” literally translated as “Mass of the Night”, is a 400 year old Christmas tradition of the Philippines.  It is a 9-day novena of Masses from December 16 to December 24, to usher in the birth of Christ.  Volunteers will be asked to help with the preparations starting around September of every year and be able to help in different ways such as in Public Relations, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters/Ushers, Altar Servers, Choir, food arrangements, set-up, clean up, and other areas where they are needed during the 9-days novena. Contact: Ligaya dela Cruz  Email:    Phone: 858-5765

Women’s Retreat/Women of St. Joan

The group organizes two annual parish-wide events for women: a full-day retreat usually held the first Saturday in February, and a half-day retreat that coincides with the Saturday Mass honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary in May.  These events are designed to enrich the spiritual lives of women through presentations, discussions, music and prayer while building community at St. Joan of Arc.  Volunteer opportunities range from chairing a committee, speaking or singing at events, tracking reservations, baking items to be offered for snacks or meals, or being a worker bee for a variety of jobs.

Women’s Spiritual Growth and Meditation Group

Spiritual growth and meditation of group meets Wednesday mornings in the Church Conference Room after the 9am Mass for the purpose of prayer, silent meditation and sharing. Contact: Karen Barry  Phone: 925-828-7033  or Buddy Maxwell Email: or Judy Quadraccia Email: