extraordinaryMinistersOfHolyCommunionGuidelines for Altar Servers can be found on the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/the-mass/order-of-mass/liturgy-of-the-eucharist/extraordinary-ministers-of-holy-communion-at-mass.cfm

Three Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are scheduled for each daily Mass: One minister for the bowl/ciborium and two ministers for the chalice/cup. Minsters:

  • Check-in at the Sacristy before Mass
  • Proceed to the foot of the sanctuary during the Kiss of Peace and make a slight bow
  • Cup Ministers stand next to the altar server
  • Bowl Minister proceeds to the credence table, uses hand sanitizer, then stands next to the last minister of the cup
  • Proceed to their assigned stations after receiving Communion
  • Serve the congregation
  • When finished distributing Holy Communion:
    • Bowl Minister accepts the priests bowl and places both in the tabernacle, closes the doors and engages the lock, makes a bow and returns to their seat
    • Cup Ministers may discretely consume any leftover wine, fold the purificators and place them neatly over the top of the cup, then return to their seats