Get loving help and resources for your marriage

Is Your Marriage having Difficulties?

There is help for you!

First, we encourage you to pray. The Married Couple’s Prayer and the Prayer for Difficult Times  are both powerful, whether you pray as an individual or as a couple.

Second, ask others to pray.  Send us a confidential prayer request and we will get started right away!

Third, consult the resources available to you on this website.

Then, get outside assistance. Below is information on programs specifically available for troubled marriages.

The Retrouvaille Program consists of a weekend experience combined with a series of 6-12 post-weekend sessions over 3 months. It focuses on communication, providing tools to rediscover each other and examine your lives together in a new and positive way. Some couples come during the initial signs of problems, others come considering separation, still others come after they are already separated or divorced.

The Oakland Diocese publishes an extensive list of resources to help save troubled marriages and prevent divorce.

For Your Marriage also provides an extensive list of resources.

Marriage Counseling Resources can also be found on this list from the Diocese.