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Dear Father Ray,

I would like to thank you for being there for me, Ruben and our family for all your guidance over the years. What a blessing you are to us and our community,

I was one of the lucky 12 who was at the 8 AM mass who received your gift. I have been pondering where I would like to share the gift you shared with me. Last Monday, I came across this quote by John Pavlovitz, that say’s “Jesus prepared a meal for the multitude to remind us that we feed people not because they deserve it, but because they are hungry”. As soon as I read that, I contacted my friend in the Philippines who have been volunteering to give sacks of rice to families who have nothing to eat as a result of Typhoon Odette. I told him I want to donate the $ 100 gift I got and will  also match the gift. He responded and he told me that they will be doing their third drop off in a few days to the typhoon victims. Yesterday, he was able to purchase sacks of rice and was able to deliver them. I copied and pasted his description. I am also attaching some of the pictures to show the happy faces of the recipients of the sacks of rice they have received.

Grateful and many blessings to you,

Marietta Ocampo

Blessings Shared!

2 teams left at 1 am

—the weather was not that good–rain, then, sun’s scorching heat, then, rain again

—made you feel like your gonna get flu (yikes!!!)

…we were welcomed by a rainbow 🌈

— there’s hope!

— people start to stand up

…support are still needed as people try to rebuild their lives

—went to 3 coastal communities in surigao city

—distributed sacks of rice (10 kilos each) to 250 families affected by the category 5 typhoon Odette (rai)

…grateful to our two drivers who kept us safe

…tired, happy, humbled.

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