Below are testimonials from some of the participants of the beauty of The Law of the Gift. The Law of the Gift comes from the teachings of St. John Paul the Great. In his teaching, a paradox is presented that the more you give of yourself, the richer you become.

To let people experience this, a gift of $100 was presented to the participants, with no strings attached. They weren’t required to share what they did with the unexpected gift. However, as you can see, people generously found ways to help others, and in some cases, the gift of the $100 generated even more funds to create a bigger impact.

We hope you enjoy the testimonials and that they inspire you to experience how by giving more of yourself (money, time, talent, etc.) you can experience becoming fuller and richer along the way.


You may have heard bells ringing as the St Joan’s angel (Clarence?) was at work yesterday helping perform Christ’s mission. I had visited our local car wash (Corwood Carwash) here in Dublin several weeks ago and noticed the crew of workers lined up at the food truck to spend their hard earned tips for lunch.…

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I sent the gift to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a charity that provides injured veterans transitional housing, support, and quality of life services. I was made aware of this particular charity several years ago and they are very good with their money. Very little goes to administrative…

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Hi Father Ray, I sent the $100 off to help support the diocese in Tonga after they had the underwater volcanic eruption that resulted in a Tsunami crippling the islands. I hope this emails finds you well and I hope you have a great Lent. Blessings.

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Hello Father Ray, I want to share what I did with my gift.  I had been praying asking God to show me how he wanted me to help my sister and brother in law.  My sister suffers from dementia and they are struggling to pay for a caregiver, and my brother in law works full…

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Dear Fr. Ray, Last month I volunteered to participate in “The Law of the Gift”.   After prayerful consideration, and conversation with our Choir Director, I donated it to the St Joan of Arc Music Ministry.   The funds are being combined with other people’s donations to the Music Ministry, to upgrade equipment to enrich the liturgies…

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Hi Fr. Ray, I found it interesting to be handed $100 as a gift with no restrictions or rules.  (along with eleven other parishioners at the holidays) I wanted to give this serious thought as it presented me with a chance to think about the concept of what to do with the choices a gesture…

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Dear Father Ray, As you know, this is my second experience with the Law of the Gift.  I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in such an uplifting and heartwarming event. I gave this exercise a lot of thought, as I did the first, and just as you stated when you granted…

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A Grateful Parishioner

Hello Father Ray, I hope you are doing well. I was one of the recipients of the $100.00 gift last Sunday. Here is the journey of that gift. I have a 35 year old daughter that lives in Los Angeles. 3 years ago her life started to crumble. She relocated down south 8 years ago…

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Mark and Karen

Hello Father Ray, Thank you for the opportunity to participate in The Law of the Gift.  Like you suggested, I prayed over this wonderful gift and how it could be shared. I play in a community band in the city of Castro Valley and for several years during Advent we have played a Christmas concert for…

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John and Diane

Dear Father Ray, When you handed out the ten $100 bills in envelopes, Diane coaxed me to stepup and take one of the envelopes. We had the idea to take our cue from Scripture, when the master gave talents tohis servants and expected them to do something worthwhile with them. On the way home from…

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Dear Father Ray, I would like to thank you for being there for me, Ruben and our family for all your guidance over the years. What a blessing you are to us and our community, I was one of the lucky 12 who was at the 8 AM mass who received your gift. I have…

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My name is Carmen Pack and I am one of the participants in The Law of the Gift. What a nice and thoughtful way to initiate the Advent season! I attend the 12 noon mass on Sundays (I always sit on the front pew). I like to share with you how I decided to put…

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Mary Jo

Good Afternoon Father- First of all, thank you for the $100 gift during the 8am mass yesterday.  I have to say I was quite surprised when I opened the envelope! When you asked for volunteers I know there was a lot of reluctance from all of us to get out of our seats.  What were…

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