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Dear Father Ray,

When you handed out the ten $100 bills in envelopes, Diane coaxed me to step
up and take one of the envelopes.

We had the idea to take our cue from Scripture, when the master gave talents to
his servants and expected them to do something worthwhile with them.

On the way home from Mass, Diane and I discussed what we would do with our
gift. We decided to return the gift 5 fold to those who needed it most, in our

Diane had previously donated a large sum to purchase a well in Uganda for a
village that desperately needed fresh water. She wanted to donate once again
to Wells of Life.

I have always fought for the right to life of the unborn. My choice was to donate
to 40 Days for Life. At the time, the National 40 Days for Life organization was
offering matching funds for a donation.

We each put in $200 of our own, and divided the $500 equally between Wells of
Life and 40 Days for Life.

Both of these charities are doing God’s work – and we feel privileged to have
been given the opportunity to help promote the quality of life for those they

Thank you for all you do for our parish and for your support of the Knights of

In Christ,
John Viz and Diane Plume

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