Our latest Bible study, “JESUS: the Way, the Truth and the Life”

Wednesdays 10 am begining September 09 or Thursdays 7 pm beginning September 10

Anchored in the life of Christ as presented in the Gospels, we will explore the entirety of Jesus’ life — Who He is, what He is really like, what He taught, what He did for our salvation … and what all of this means for us as Catholics today.

With videos filmed in the Holy Land and guided by Bible experts Jeff CavinsDr. Marcellino D’Ambrosioand Dr. Edward Sri, we will experience the world in which Jesus lived and taught—the historical context, the politics, the clashing cultures, the history, and the ancient land where the most significant events of His life took place.

We will learn, in a simple way, how Jesus is both fully divine and fully human—His intimacy with the Father, His revelation of the Father’s love, and His extraordinary influence on His disciples, His followers and even His enemies.

Most importantly, this encounter with Christ will inspire and empower us to center our entire lives in Him as we come to know and love Him in an ever-deeper and more intimate way.

Virtual classes will be on Thursdays @ 7pm, beginning September 10 and ending November 12.

To join and obtain the video conference link, write to Rosemarie at RMcKenney@sjasr.org.

Matthew: the King and His Kingdom (24-weeks)
Thursdays 7 pm beginning September 24

This study is one of three foundational studies at St. Joan. This is because this study helps us to understand Jesus and His message by understanding His many references to the Old Testament. By recognizing what Jesus was communicating when He quoted Scripture, we begin to comprehend His message … and the response He received from the Jews of His time.

The Matthew The King and His Kingdom study will demonstrate how the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament are fulfilled in Christ, Who establishes a New Law and inaugurates the Kingdom of Heaven right here, on earth.

Together, we will see Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah who relives the life and struggles of Israel to become the faithful and victorious King. Set in the rich context of Jesus’ Jewish culture, this study will help us understand Who Jesus is and what His life and teachings mean for us today.

Virtual classes will be held on Thursdays beginning on September 24  and ending on March 25, gathering every week with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

To join and obtain the video conference link, write to Rosemarie at RMcKenney@sjasr.org.