• What we believe
  • Explore our Heritage
  • Discover the Amazing Richness of our Catholic Faith

In both our recent Discipleship Survey and our many Listening Sessions, we heard that so many of us want to learn more about our faith:                    

  • What is the Catholic Church all about?
  • What does it mean to be Catholic?
  • What do Catholics actually believe? And why?

In answer, we are bringing this beautiful study, “What we Believe: The Beauty of the Catholic Faith” to our entire parish family. The Catholic Church is extraordinary…founded by Christ Himself! The Church is where we encounter God in His Word, His sacraments and His saints. The Church faithfully proclaims the fullness of faith, leaving no truth out. It proclaims the fullness of life, leaving no person out. It calls all of us to repent and to believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit … the source of all life and salvation.

Maybe you’ve been Catholic your entire life. Maybe you’re just beginning to explore the Catholic Faith. Wherever you may be in your journey, you will be profoundly moved by the beauty and the richness of the Catholic Church that will be revealed in this 10-week study.

Groups will gather for 90-minutes each week in the Lower Conference Room (and on zoom, depending on the group) at four different times to accommodate busy schedules (ending the week before Thanksgiving):

Wednesday mornings at 9:45am – beginning September 14

Wednesday evenings at 7pm — beginning September 14

Thursday evenings at 7pm — beginning September 15

Saturday mornings at 8:30am — beginning September 17

RSVP to RMcKenney@sjasr.org by August 20 and we’ll order your study set for you. Learn more at https://ascensionpress.com/collections/what-we-believe-the-beauty-of-the-catholic-faith.

Location: Lower Conference Room and Zoom

Zoom link (same for all four weekly gatherings):   
Meeting ID: 880 6548 1767 / Passcode: Beauty

All are Welcome!