After creating your City account you may have a few questions. Please see below for some commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions or prefer to talk to someone in person reach out to Kerry Fahey at or 925 830-0600.

  1. Do you have to check The City website to know what is going on? No, The City is not another site that you need to log into to see what is new. Posts on The City are sent to your email and you control how you want those emails to come. You may need to log into The City website if there is additional information attached to the post or if you are asked to fulfill a need, but most City interactions can be done from your email box.
  2. What is a City group?  The City is organized by groups, which are either ministry groups, faith formation groups or groups created for a particular interest.  Each member is automatically in the St. Joan of Arc Parish group, however for most other groups you will need to an invitation to join. This allows you to only receive communications from the groups you are involved in and responsible for keeping informed about.
  3. What should I do after I first join The City? Create your Account Settings! Your account settings are where you go to choose which email you want to use, change your password, add a profile picture to put a face with your name and control your privacy and email settings.  The recommended email setting for members in a group is “New Things”.  This will allow you to receive an email at the time a post is created, however you will not receive an email when other members comment on the post.  If you don’t want to miss anything on the City and see everyone’s comments, choose “Everything”.  These settings are under your control and can be changed at any time. This short video will help you create your Account Settings. NOTE: Your initial set-up is best done on a personal computer rather than a cell phone, but once you have set up your profile and preferences, you can download the mobile app to communicate on your smartphone. The City works on current versions of all browsers – however Chrome is the recommended browser.
  4. Can you explain what I see on The City website? The City: Overview video gives you an overview of some of the features of The City so you can start participating in your groups.
  5. Where can I find additional help? There is a group on The City called City Help Topics. Click HERE to join The CITY Help Topics group.  The City Help Topics has several training sheets available for you. Or you can contact Kerry Fahey at or (925) 830-0600.
  6. Why do I always have to log in?  As with most sites, The City requires a password, however the system can remember who you are so you do not have to enter your username and password each time.
    • If logging in from the website there is an option to “Keep me logged in” (under the Password box). Check this box before logging in and do not log out when you leave The City.  NOTE: if you share a computer with someone in your home, you may want to log out.
    • From the phone app: do not log out when you leave the app and you will remain logged in.
  7. How does The City help connect people? Whether old friends or new acquaintances, The City can help you find and connect to people in our church. In the upper right hand corner use the search bar to connect with other members of The City.
  8. How can you learn more about our ministries or get more involved? Ministries on The City each are their own Group, which help members stay connected to the daily life of our church. To find groups on The City, click Groups in the Navigation bar, choose the 2nd from the bottom option, Search all Groups for a list of every group currently on The City. Click on any group to learn more or join.
  9. Is there an Online Giving option? Yes, in order to support the life and mission of St. Joan of Arc, sacrificial giving is at the fingertips of each member, along with the ability to print giving records at any time.
  10. Is information on The City secure?  Click HERE to learn more.